Firm Bio

Located in the heart of Lodi California, NJA has been offering architectural and interior design services since 2012. We are an energetic architecture and design firm focused on creative solutions in multiple scales and typologies.


Our firm is made up of talented individuals who are dedicated to the pursuit of architecture.

The office operates as an open studio environment that allows for creative, collaborative, and progressive ideas to flow freely. We are led by a culture where individuals with diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives come together, sharing a common goal —to craft remarkable and dependable structures that test the limits of design.




During our design process, we keep sustainability and the environment at the forefront of our minds. We are constantly seeking ways in which we can help to decrease the consumption of non-renewable resources, reduce waste, and build healthy, productive environments. It is well within our reach to create sophisticated designs while simultaneously minimizing negative environmental impacts in the resulting build. Whether it be thoughtfully placing windows based on sun orientation or utilizing native landscaping to reduce irrigation needs, we are actively reflecting on different avenues of responsible design.

Site Focused Design

Site Focused Design

Taking into consideration all the factors and circumstances that affect the intended outcome of a design, site plays a large role. Recognizing and understanding the geography, surrounding buildings, and a sense of place makes for a purposeful and artful design. This is a necessary component to transform a vision into the physical existence of a building.

Design Charrette

Design Charrette

Our weekly “crit” is more than just a review of one project each week. We use this time to collectively step away from our desks, gather around the table, and connect, all while creating an easygoing environment for sharing ideas. Usually accompanied by libations and food, we dedicate an hour each week to a single project where we sketch, present, and discuss ways to better our designs.


Nick Seward

Nick is an Owner and Architect at NJA Architecture with a love for creating unique experiences through design. From his small town roots to his fascination for the built environment he has worked on several project types from varying market sectors including: commercial, community, public, hospitality, residential, education, medical & master planning. Nick’s passion is to experiment with innovative architecture in diverse environments and seek new design possibilities through the use of building materials, collaboration of assembly and sustainable design solutions.

John Vierra

As an Owner and Design Principal of NJA Architecture, John’s passion in architecture centers to enrich its sense of place and strengthen its local communities. He has a longstanding interest in the way people engage and interact through their surrounding environments, both built and natural. From wineries, museums, performance and community centers, historic renovations, private residences and mixed-use projects, John’s work strives to make each architectural project an inspiring experience that is site specific to its place.